An Historic Stroll

Most weekends Rod and I will end up going for a walk around town exploring new neighborhoods, parks or shopping centres. Today we decided to go check out Jesmond Dene Park. The park starts only a short 10 min walk from our house and is about 2 miles from end to end. Going off of what we read on the history signs, the park was developed by some really rich guy who transformed the area with a lot of foot and carriage paths, waterfalls and many plants and trees. Its super gorgeous and definitely makes me wish I could ride my horse through it, side saddle, wearing a fancy dress, and a hat, and gloves…and, well you get the picture!

We followed the signs to this old mill house which was pretty cool. Unfortunately some people seem to think covering it with ugly graffiti is cool to:(

Absolutely everything is covered in ivy and moss, its almost like a jungle in the middle of the city!
This is a banquet hall that the rich guy had built so that he had enough room to have huge parties. Apparently his house was too small??  It was kind of fun picturing all the ladies showing up for a ball in there carriages wearing beautiful gowns……sigh!
Then… we ran across the most random little “zoo” in the middle of the park somewhere! It was pretty cool, except for the fact that it was mostly farm animals and house pet birds… but besides that it was cool!

(Those are pigs in the above picture.. our iphones aren’t very good at taking pictures and neither am I!)


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