Call me Thrifty

I love love love thrift store shopping! I grew up on it.. and hated it… but somehow now I understand why my mom did it! Its amazing. You never know what you’re going to find, and once you find it, it’s almost definitely only a fraction of the original price! Unfortunately, here in the UK, everything is almost double the cost of what you’d pay at home, for example, a nice top in the thrift store at home is 3-4 dollars, and here it’s 3-4 pounds:/  The exchange rate kinda bites (it’s 1.82/pound), but whatever, I still get things cheaper then if I bought them new here! 
Here are a few items I snagged in September! 
 Black tee and super awesome heeled booties! They are tall but amazingly comfortable to walk in, I wore them uptown yesterday and was surprised with how well my feet held up. 

 This blouse still had the original tags attached! Regular price at Primark would have been 8 pounds, but I got it for 3!!!
 Super cozy knit sweater from H&M, picked it up for 3 pounds I think?  I can’t exactly remember but it was a steal for sure, and another pair of heeled boots! The sweater looks and feels new, and its going to be great for winter! I love that it’s over-sized and yet still fits well. I hate when I try wearing an over-sized sweater and it feels like it’s falling off or the cuffs fall over my hands. 
 And last but not least! A cute pink knit sweater and heart necklace. The vintage jewelry is so abundant here! At the market there are a couple vendors with tables overflowing with amazing vintage pieces for a few pounds each. Its hard to hold back from buying everything!

 That’s it for now but I’m sure I’ll find more fabulous stuff this month! 


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