Stuff We Did…

The last week or so has been fairly uneventful, mostly hanging out at home with Rod. He’s had quite a few days off of school since midterms week, so we’ve had two long weekends in three weeks! 
 Rod’s birthday was on the 21st of October, so I bought him an hour on a flight simulator at the flying school. He really enjoyed it,  I on the other hand wound up motion sick with a pounding headache:(
I decided to give jogging another try which has been challenging to say the least! But, whats cool about it is that I’m jogging “with” my sister in-law back home! She gets up at 6 am 3 days a week and I go out at 1 pm, I get the better end of the deal 😉 We text each other before we go and then again when we’re done, it makes it just a little bit easier to convince myself to head out the door!
Here are some shots I took while out jogging last week, fall is so different here then back home. In Alberta its like you blink and all the leaves are yellow and falling, but here its been happening for weeks and there are still green trees a midst the fall colors!

 I think the lawns here are never going to turn brown either, they’re still as lush and green as they were in spring! 

Hope you enjoyed! 

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