Castle and Company

Laurie is here!!! I am so happy that she is here for a visit! She arrived on Friday and is staying for 3 whole weeks!! We’ve already taken her around to see the neighborhood and on Sunday afternoon we went out to the coast. This time we paid the 4 pounds (I think) to get into the Tynemouth Priory and Castle, it turned out to be totally worth it! So beautiful, and the view was pretty great too, looking out over two lighthouses on the sea. 
Here are some of the photo’s we took…

I thought this gravestone was pretty cool, the moss and grass is starting to grow in the letters…

It was such a beautiful day on Sunday, we have so many days here where the sky is grey, that when there’s a day with blue sunny skies we definitely take notice!

Of course with my stellar camera skills, sometimes the sky shows up white :/ but trust me! It was blue!!
Rod showing off his guns 😉

This an old ammunition bunker below the gun pictured earlier, we found it completely randomly. We were ready to head back to the front of the castle when I heard the faint sound of people talking but there was no one around. So, Rod decided to go check it out and found this! They had a recording playing in here to make it sound like men working, no signs or anything to let you know it was down there, just voices to attract people in.

Who would like a fireplace like this?? This was in the kitchen of the the castle.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! 


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