London Portion of our Trip!

So, I really want to post the photos from our trip, I’m just a little overwhelmed because I have sooo many!! But I’ll try to make it make sense for you guys! We started our trip on Monday the 17 of October, and arrived back at home here in Newcastle on Friday the 21. It was a whirlwind of trains, planes, subway systems, a new language (in Paris), and soo many amazing sights that I feel so privileged to have been able to see in real life!
Because I’m going to be posting A LOT of photos in this post, I won’t be writing much about them in between, but if you have any questions, please use the comments section at the bottom of the post!
Well here goes!
This is Central Station here in Newcastle where we took a train to London.
This is apparently the oldest surviving pub/bar in London, open since 1615!! Not the actual building I don’t think but there has been a pub here since then,  here’s a link to some good old Wikipedia Info if your interested in a history lesson!
Shakespeare’s Globe

Random cool building

This tower is the Tate Modern Museum of Art, and the painting below is a Picasso, personally I don’t see what the big deal is… but he is quite famous!
Another random cool building, outside the Tate Museum
The London Eye

At the top of the London Eye, it’s soo high!!

Big Ben and the Parliament Building
(which we were ignorant enough to think was Westminster Abbey, and we were very disappointed with humanity that a church needed to be guarded with machine guns… and then we realized our mistake!)

THIS is Westminster Abbey! A little underwhelming when you see the Parliament building first:/  but the inside was really pretty, we weren’t able to take pictures inside though.

Ran into this friendly guy at St James Park, which is in front of Buckingham palace, I was more afraid of him then he was of me!

St James Park

That’s Buckingham Palace in the background

and this is looking in the other direction

Buckingham Palace

The Royal Balcony;)

The Tower Bridge

This building is fittingly named “The Shard”

That’s it for now! I will post the Paris portion of our trip within the next week, just too many pictures for one post!



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