I know I said these pictures would be up last week already but life got in the way, and by life I mean I procrastinated… well here they are! I didn’t take as many in Paris as I did in London, but that’s mainly because I was absolutely frozen the whole time we were there! Soo cold!
Paris is very cool but the language barrier was a bit of a downer for me:/ it seemed like the people there wouldn’t give you the time of day as soon as they realized you didn’t speak french. It was still a really awesome trip though! The Eiffel Tower was as cool as I hoped it would be. Unfortunately we couldn’t go all the way to the top of the tower, for some reason that portion was closed to the general public. So I guess I have something to look forward to next time I go!;)
We started our time in Paris off with some French food, crepes!! We got to our hostel around supper time, so as soon as we had checked in and got settled, we headed out looking for some food. We found this tiny little hole in the wall place called The Crepery and since we could read the sign and crepes are just awesome, we decided that having crepes for supper at 10:00 in the evening was a great idea! They were amazing! Crepes are definitely better in Paris then any I’ve ever had.
 First glimpse of the tower!
Glass floor on the first level of the tower, some people were to scared to step on it…I’m not naming any names here;)
Funny story, while trying to convince the unnamed person to step on the glass, I decided to show her how safe it was by jumping onto the glass fairly forcefully not realizing that there was other people also kind of nervous about it. I’m pretty sure I almost gave a middle aged man a heart attack!! The look on his face was priceless! He was standing on the glass right at the edge and as I landed, he jumped back all freaked out, I so wish we could of caught it on video. Definitely a highlight!
An old man doing some chalk art, he spent his whole day here on his knees, very cool to watch!
The street along the river is lined with these little shelters where street vendors sell souvenirs, collectibles, art, etc.
Love Locks Bridge
The Notre Dame
The Louvre Museum
The Mona Lisa!
Napoleans Apartments inside the Louvre
This tapestry took up an entire wall, amazing work!
And… of course we ended up back at the tower to wait for dark so we could see the tower all lit up!
 Aaannddd…. more crepes!!! These were even better then the ones at the restaurant, yum!!

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