Coming Home!!!!!

I am sooo excited to be coming home for Christmas!!! It feels like forever since we sold everything we owned, packed up what little personal belonging we had left, and moved halfway around the world! The culture shock was pretty intense which took me by surprise, I guess I thought since we were moving to an English speaking country that things would generally be the same… but they definitely are not!!
First of all, it might be called English everywhere, but when you run into a native Newcastlean, also known as “Geordie”, you question whether you know English at all! I have honestly heard people talk in supposed English and literally not understood a single word they’ve said. I’ve decided I speak “Canadian” not “English”!
Yesterday on the train, we were chatting away with our friends, and then noticed a couple with two young children quite absorbed in our conversation. The kids were giggling away and I think they were a little confused as to how we sounded soo different and yet they could understand what we were saying! It’s a little unnerving to “stand out” everywhere you go:)
It’s been a really good 4 months though. I have had A LOT of me time, which is both good and bad, made new friends, definitely good, did some travelling and learned the value of a Canadian dollar like never before! It sucks when your bank account is literally cut in half because of a currency exchange:/ but I’ve been forced to budget which is something I’ve never been able to stick to for an extended period of time before and I like it!
Here’s a little update on Rod’s side of the story….
He will unfortunately not be coming home for Christmas:(:( But!! He has the amazing privilege to go to India on a 2 week medical selective! We head to London together and then we’re literally flying in opposite directions! He’ll spend a few days touring with a friend from school and then head off to do his two weeks in a rural hospital and after that…. he’s spending three nights at a  resort hotel on the beach!! Soo jealous! But he deserves it! He rocked his finals this week, and the two weeks in hospital rotation will definitely be rough. 
From the sounds of it, he’ll be jumping in with both feet during the selective. Pretty much if he’s willing and wants to he can assist with anything from labor and delivery to surgery’s to whatever! Not my cup of tea, but he’s really excited!
I, on the other hand, am super pumped to be coming home!!! Pretty nervous to travel alone for the first time, but it’ll be fine:) I’m coming for three weeks which I’m sure is going to go by sooo fast, but I’m hoping to see as many people as possible! 
Well that’s the update! See some or most of you next week!!!
Oh, and here’s a look at a normal, regular no excitement kinda day at our place:) It’s not fun trips and cool scenery all the time! And yes, I am sticking out my tongue, I was concentrating!

Merry Christmas!!

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