Change of Address

Welcome to my new BLOG!! I’m really excited about my blogs new home. When I started my original blog, I did it really quickly so that I could get photos up as soon as possible for everyone to look at. Since then, I’ve learned a few things and I’m hoping it shows in this new blog.

The main thing to note, that you probably already know since you’re here… is that I have a new name! LiveLoveDIY kind of sums up what my blog is about, my life, things I love (and people) and some diy/cooking thrown in every now and again.

From what I can tell, commenting should be a little more straight forward on my new site then it was on blogger, (although I think I had fixed it …) and my pages tabs (Home, About, Adventures etc.) at the top of my blog actually work!! Yippee!! Had to do some googling to work that out, but I managed to figure it out eventually! See?? I’m learning!

Oh! You’ll also notice that I now have my instagram feed showing up on the sidebar of my blog! Super pumped about that!

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy the new location as much as I do, and if there are any issues with commenting or something seems non-user friendly, please do let me know! My contact info is under the About tab at the top of the blog.

I also want to share a few pictures with you guys that my sister Alana  took of my sister Diana and I at Christmas! You should go check out her blog, ! She is an amazing photographer and honestly it’s kind of handy having one of those in the family!

sisters sisters2 sisters3sisters5

sisters14 sisters13 sisters11 sisters8sisters4 sisters6 Photoshoot




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