Iceland and Christmas in Canada

I know it’s been almost a month since I got home so I should have had these pictures up a long time ago… but it’s been a great month of intense relaxation and getting back into life here! Jetlag didn’t hit me as hard this time around thanks to a little wonder pill called Melatonin. It’s amazing!

Here are some pics of my trip to Canada starting with Rod and I on the train heading to London to catch our flights.

IMG_3392 (2)

The next couple of scenery shots were snapped from inside the train while moving, which is why my hand shows up in the reflection and why they’re not really focused very well. But you can still see that even in mid-December fields are nice and green!

IMG_3395 (2)

That’s Durham Cathedral off on the horizon, the one pictured in this post.

IMG_3400 (2) IMG_3407 (2) IMG_3413 (3)

In London we had a few hours to kill before we needed to head to the airport, so we went and had lunch at a little Italian restaurant and then had a gingerbread latte at Starbucks. Not sure if the guy at the counter had hearing impairment or just a massive language barrier but he understood that Rod’s name was Grad 🙂 Amazing how often people get that 3 letter name wrong.


After a long tearful goodbye at Heathrow airport we embarked on our separate journeys. My first stop was Keflavik Iceland! Super cool layover, and I definitely recommend it to anyone.  Blue Lagoon was really awesome, other then the fact that it wasn’t as warm as it should have been due to a pipe bursting the day before I got there just my luck 😛

This is the path that takes you from the parking lot to the spa building. The lava rock is everywhere!

IMG_3432 (3) IMG_3436 (2) IMG_3439 (2) IMG_3444 IMG_3445 IMG_3447 IMG_3449 (2)

From what I saw, this is kind of your typical Icelandic house. I’m sure there’s a variety but I saw a lot kind of like this one.

IMG_3453 (2)

Then it was off to Canada! I got picked up at the airport by Jeff and Alana which was super cool, they even made me a welcome sign… written in lipstick!

Here’s some shots of Christmas with my nieces and nephews…

This little guys “camera face”! If he notices you taking a picture of him, he comes running and sticks his nose as close to the camera as he can with this adorable smile firmly in place!

IMG_3539 (2)

The reactions to my crocheted gifts were priceless! Cramping fingers and hands were definitely worth it after seeing them fall in love with the stuffies I made for them!

(They’re all a bit blurry, there was to much movement and stuff going on to get a good shot with my oldy iphone)

Two weeks of intense concentration and dedication allowed for these guys/girls to be “born”! They were so much fun to make, I usually do flat work, like blankets but I’ve discovered this is way more fun!


IMG_3550 (2)

IMG_3554 (2) IMG_3562 (3)

She wasn’t quite as into it, hah! But I know deep down she loves it 😉

IMG_3569 (2)

Teichroeb christmas started with waffles!! YUM!

IMG_3606 (2) IMG_3607 IMG_3611


I’m pretty sure if someone buys me a  lego set next Christmas, I’ll be happy as a clam!


IMG_3612 IMG_3621

Ok, so if you’ve never had homemade corn tortillas, let me tell you, you are missing out on something amazing! I was so glad that my mom and I decided to make these while I was home. …. I should probably put the recipe up one of these days…

IMG_3634 IMG_3636

And… I got to go visit this big guy! I’ve missed Charlie, but seeing his gigantuous size made me happy all over again that we found such an amazing home for him. He is obviously loved. But seriously… he is masssssivee!! Pictures don’t do him justice.

IMG_3662 IMG_3673

It was so great to be able to come home and see everyone! I didn’t see nearly enough of everybody but that’s probably how things are going to be for the next half a decade at least 😦 It makes me sad when I think of everything we’re missing back home, but I am ever thankful for the amazing opportunity Rod and I have to see some of the world and experience other cultures firsthand. I always remind myself that you have to give some good things up in order to have other good things.



6 thoughts on “Iceland and Christmas in Canada

  1. I love the pictures of your nieces and nefews getting their gifts! We saw Charlie the other day too, he is gigantic! I’m so sure he’s grown in the last few months, he’s so huge!

  2. Wise words… in order to gain something you usually have to give something up for it… 😉
    In other words YOUR CROCHETING IS AMAZING!!! I had no idea that’s what you were making… they are SO GOOD! 🙂

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