Our Neighbourhood

I decided to do a neighbourhood photos post to show you what it looks like where we live. Most of my pictures are of trips we take or cool landmarks etc. Today it’s all about the streets I see on a regular basis starting with a photo of a typical row of homes here in Newcastle. Everywhere you go, you will find townhouses like this. I think they are referred to as “Tyneside Flats”…. ?

IMG_5003 (2)

On my walk yesterday, I found this little gem! I wonder if this is where Newcastle “Friends” hangout? 😉  … Heaton Perk…. Central Perk…


IMG_5015 (2) IMG_5016 (2) IMG_5023 (2)

This is a bakery/sandwich shop just down the road from our place, I have yet to go in there, but I definitely want to at some point, and no, I have no idea what Stotties are! Maybe I’ll have one once I go, and then I’ll tell you about it!

It seems to be a huge thing around here to paint your door a bright color, helps break up the monotony of red brick I guess. Don’t get me wrong… I love brick buildings, but at some point you want to see a color other then just red!IMG_5028 (2) IMG_5033 (2)

This is our street, our flat is on the right about halfway down. IMG_5036 (2) IMG_5039 (2) IMG_5041 (2)

Our building!!
IMG_5042 (2)

This is the courtyard for our building.
IMG_5050 (2)

And this is the front of our apartment complex. IMG_5053 (3)

I can’t believe that our time here in Newcastle is drawing to a close! Only just over a month till my parents are coming to visit, then it’s just going to fly by even faster until we head home at the end of May!



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