Lovely York

Last weekend Rod and I decided to brave the roads, rented a car and drove to York. It was a little nerve-wracking to be a passenger on opposite sides of the car and the road then normal, but it actually worked a lot better then I thought it would! Rod completely held it together and even drove stick left handed! With GPS in hand we managed to navigate through about 100 roundabouts and safely made it to York!

If you ever have a chance, you should definitely go to York. It’s so great. I didn’t take very many photos unfortunately because it was freezing cold and I wasn’t hardcore enough to pull my camera out all the time. Oh well, Hope you enjoy!

The city still has miles of old wall standing, and you can walk along the top of it to get around the city.IMG_5486 (2) IMG_5490 IMG_5493 (2)

York has sooo many daffodils and they were just beginning to bloom while we were there.
IMG_5501 IMG_5507

We ate lunch at this restaurant, the inside is impossibly tiny, but so so cute! We decided to eat outside, which ended up being super cold, but they supply blankets to their guests, so that was kind of cool!IMG_5514 (2) IMG_5519 (2) IMG_5533 (2) IMG_5537

This is Cliffords TowerIMG_5539 (2) IMG_5545 (2) IMG_5555 IMG_5559

A pretty sweet building in The Shambles. There is some really awesome old architecture along these streets.
IMG_5560 (2)Of course we had to stop for tea somewhere, so we found an antique store with a tea room upstairs and had a pot of Yorkshire tea with milk and real legit “lumps” of sugar! Yum!
IMG_5572 IMG_5574 (2) IMG_5580

The York Minster, the largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. It is massive!! So pretty too.IMG_5585 (2) IMG_5594 (2) IMG_5595 (2) IMG_5600 IMG_5602

Some whimsy we discovered in a little courtyard after walking through a narrow passageway… why is everything cooler in a different country??IMG_5623 (3) IMG_5625 (2)

Another super cute restaurant, The Perky Peacock.IMG_5642 (2) IMG_5644 IMG_5678 IMG_5679And on our way home we were driving right past The Angel of the North statue, so we pulled in to get a few shots of it. It is huge!IMG_5696 IMG_5701 IMG_5705And that’s it! I really wish I would have taken more photos but it was really really cold!! We’re headed to Edinburgh Scotland next weekend so those pics will be up in a couple weeks!



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