Uk travels; Teichroeb Edition

A few weeks after my parents left England, Rods parents showed up! They were there for the last week of school and then we toured through Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland with them for 9 days. It was a lot to see in just over a week and has made me itch to go back ever since!

Heading into Scotland, the landscape is constantly changing, beautiful forested hills, to dry and barren highlands. One thing that stays the same though, is the sheep. They are literally everywhere!



Loch Ness


IMG_6612 IMG_6626

These yellow flowers blanket the hills all over Scotland.


The submarine that they used to search for Nessie 🙂


A castle ruins on the side of the road. Someday I want to do a castle tour of the UK; I love exploring these ancient, stone, historical treasures. My imagination goes wild with tales of princesses and knights! IMG_6652

Highland cattle, one of my favorite “moo”ments of the trip 😉 IMG_6660 IMG_6661 IMG_6664

We stopped in this picturesque little town overlooking Loch Ness for lunch. Honestly, I could have stayed in this town for a week! IMG_6669 IMG_6671 IMG_6681

We came across this dam on our way out of Scotland; I never tired of the scenery because there was always something new around every corner. IMG_6690 IMG_6691 IMG_6695 IMG_6741

If I loved the other little town, I adored this one. Tiny, quaint and so much character! The only reason we even ended up here, is because I wanted  needed to check out a little yarn shop that Rods mom found a brochure for at our hotel the previous night. It was worth it. Even the drive to the town. The above picture was taken a few minutes before we reached the town, but that’s pretty much what it looked like for the whole drive on the tiny windy road which was actually taking us right through a sheep pasture!IMG_6742

This was the destination! It made me so happy! It’s an old water mill that now houses the cutest little yarn/wool shop ever! IMG_6746 I realize it looks like I’m talking on a “yarn phone” here! If you’re not a yarn addict you won’t understand, I could have cuddled with every ball of yarn there 🙂 (the reason its better then Michaels is because the vast majority was hand spun and hand dyed!)IMG_6756

Llandudno, Wales was our next stop.
IMG_6795 IMG_6801 Hanging out on the pier…IMG_6830 IMG_6844 IMG_6850 IMG_6856

Heading to Ireland!
IMG_6894 IMG_6896

Galway, IrelandIMG_6898 IMG_6900 IMG_6902

Heading to the Cliffs of Moher from Galway  IMG_6918IMG_6935 IMG_6952 IMG_6961 IMG_6976 IMG_6985 IMG_6986 IMG_6997 IMG_7006 Cliffs of Moher
IMG_7024 IMG_7052 IMG_7068 Unfortunately my stomach doesn’t appreciate choppy ocean very much, so this was me for half the trip to see the Cliffs of Moher 😦 IMG_7074

After the cliffs, we headed back East across Ireland. In a small coastal town we discovered fried doughnuts… I still crave these every time I think about them, which is a lot!
IMG_7090 IMG_7091 IMG_7099 IMG_7106 IMG_7112 We went out for some amazing Pub food the night before heading back to England on the ferry. IMG_7140 Bath, EnglandIMG_7148 IMG_7150 IMG_7152

IMG_7161 (2) IMG_7173 IMG_7180 IMG_7189 (2) IMG_7197 IMG_7205 IMG_7217 The Roman Baths of BathIMG_7247

Bristol, EnglandIMG_3403 IMG_3407 IMG_3412 IMG_3413 IMG_3430 Blue Lagoon, IcelandIMG_7299 IMG_7304 An Icelandic HORSE, emphasis on the horse part, I made the mistake of calling them Icelandic Ponies and got corrected twice, by the same women, within an hour. I guess being a pony is insulting? IMG_7341 This pic is kind of boring until you know what it is… this is where to tectonic plates meet, the Euroasian and the American plates. Iceland is growing by about an inch per year. The valley is the space being created by the two plates pulling apart. IMG_7363 They’ve built a bridge over the gap so you can walk from America to Europe:) IMG_7364 A geothermal hotspot. Apparently some people use the natural heat to bake bread! They have a special oven that they place over a hotspot and the bread bakes for 24 hours using geothermal heat!IMG_7378 IMG_7399 IMG_7414 IMG_7441

This trip was awesome and made me definitely want to come back to the UK. I feel like I could spend a month exploring each place we only spent a few hours at now.







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