Island Living

So we have been in Grenada for 3 months now, and it has been exciting, boring, fun, stressful, hot, beautiful, relaxing, busy and so many other things. It is so different living on a tropical island then what I had pictured. I thought it would be flowy sundresses with my hair down and long walks on the beach in mid afternoon. Well… it could be those things, if you’re ok with hot sticky legs and hair plastered to your back and face. The reality is more like shorts at all times, and whatever you can possibly do to keep the hot mess that is your hair off your shoulders and away from your face! Makeup is a thing of the past unless you enjoy melted cosmetics dripping down your face.

That being said, we love it here! There are a lot of things to get used to, and we miss so many things about North American convenience. The grocery store doesn’t necessarily have milk at all times never mind those obscure items that are sometimes needed in your favorite recipes such as cream of tartar! I miss my snickerdoodles!!

But, like I said, we are loving island life, and are more then willing to make some sacrifices in order to spend this year soaking up as much sun and ocean water as possible.  Here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to so far…IMG_7828 This is a picture of our favorite beach, Magazine Beach. Beautiful sand and water, and pretty great snorkeling. IMG_7852A small weekly farmers market held behind IGA.IMG_7874For our anniversary, Rod bought a bottle of wine and took me out to the bottom point of the island where we sat on a cliff sipping wine and watching the sunset! It was amazing, even if we were drinking wine out of regular glassesIMG_7908Miss Maggie got to tag along, she still looked a little scruffy here, especially with her “argh” face! We think she looks a bit like a pirate, just needs an eyepatch!IMG_7931 (2) I went on an island tour with a group of SO’s (significant others) from the school, we toured a chocolate factory, a rum distillery, and saw some pretty cool scenery including some waterfalls and a rock slide, as well as monkeys, talking parrots and the Goat Dairy.IMG_8001 This is where your precious chocolate comes from people! Fruit brains!! It’s actually pretty good fresh, very slippery but kind of sweet and sour. IMG_8002 (2)IMG_8015 IMG_8018 IMG_8031 IMG_8052 IMG_8070 IMG_8083 We are so grateful for this amazing experience, it’s something so unique and not something I ever thought I’d get to do. But here we are! It’s not all glamour and glitz like some people like to think 😉 but it’s still pretty freaking awesome!! Yes, some days I complain about the heat, the sweat, the waters to warm or to cold, the a/c makes my feet cold but I can’t turn it off cause then I’m to hot…. and on and on… but more times then not, I love the warmth, and appreciate that I don’t need winter gear to leave my house.



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