Sunday Brunch at Lunch

Wow! Only 3 weeks left on this little island! This year has passed by so slowly and so fast all at the same time! Just recently we discovered this amazing little place close to campus called Container Park. It’s literally a bunch of shipping containers pulled together with little restaurants! One of our favorite places in the park is called Island fever and we love going for Sunday Brunch. The food is amazing, the service is great and, come on, how cute!! 

So, I realize I look super tired in this pic… Whenever I don’t wear makeup people ask me if I’m okay, not sure how I feel about that! Haha!

Mr. Studly over here looking super fly :):)

This was our meal! Rod had potatos with bacon cheese sauce and an egg as well as coconut cream French toast with a Caesar on the side, and I had bananas foster French toast with Thai milk tea! YUM!

We are trying to soak up as much of our favourite things in Grenada as possible in our time left, and most of our favourite things involve food… We’re really looking forward to heading home to see all our people! A year away feels like a lifetime especially since there is one super special little person who I’ve never even met yet!! Ah!!! So excited!! 



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